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Hay, Mendelshon, Bouskila

& Associés

Avocats à la Cour


HMB was founded by attorneys who chose to practice independently.

This was a choice for quality, proximity and transverse skills: it requires aptitude, and the perfect mastery of a whole range of different subjects.

It is this capacity which the partners pass it onto their staff members.

Our strong point: finding solutions in complex situations where the problems require mastering the contractual and/or regulatory mechanisms in several different fields, and being mindful of the financial and operational challenges.

This capacity forges a strong link with deciders who do not wish to be limited to a single interlocutor.

Today, HMB has become the adviser of some of the largest players in industry and finance.

This is a distinctive feature for a small firm. It endorses this special aptitude in areas which must also be considered from an economic and financial perspective: competition, structuring investment operations, management of strategic conflicts, commercial and financial ligation.

Nothing has been lost of the link which also exists between the firm’s attorneys and the management of the SMEs which are our clients.

Some of our partners began their careers as criminal defense lawyers, others in the most top-flight commercial firms in Paris.

All have the common wish to act courageously, fairly and faithfully.

Because our profession is practiced between individuals (clients and attorneys) who consider each other through a shared view of the business and corporate worlds.

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